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Julia's Concussion Story

The answer for Julia also gives real hope for other brain issues like depression, panic, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, PTSD, behaviors in Autism, and more.

Julia is the eldest of five children, who struggle with a variety of challenges, Autism, adhd, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety.

In her last year of high school, Julia suffered two concussions at school, the second being more severe. She was accidentally body-checked in gym class by a lacrosse player and her body and head smashed into the concrete floor.

What followed was a painful 2-year process of healing. She spent most of that time in her bedroom, unable to handle light, certain smells, the noise of her siblings, mood swings, headaches, and memory challenges.

Depression set in and she lost the desire to sing and play her instruments. She couldn't write a sentence or focus and spent many tearful nights with pouring out her heart to me.

It was painful for her to watch her classmates leave to go to college, serve missions for our church or get married.

Being unable to cope for 2 years was really hard and strange for Julia. Her nature is optimistic, creative and full of life. She is eager to make friends with everyone.

Life hasn't always been easy for her. When she was younger she struggled with ADHD and a learning disability and was misunderstood at times by teachers and peers. She had worked hard for years to overcome it, so this set back was particularly heartbreaking.

After her injury, I worked with Julia with what I already knew about concussions and the brain. We even tried another supplement for the brain that gave some progress, but she reacted negatively to a few of the ingredients.

We were able to get her to the point of a part-time job. When she wasn't working she needed to rest, but over time, it all became too overwhelming.

It came to a head when I witnessed the worst panic attack I had ever seen. She lost feeling in her hands and feet momentarily and it terrified her.

With Julia unable to cope, I felt to call Hardy's Nutritionals about their Daily Essential Nutrient formula.

I had known about DEN for some time. We had even lived back in Canada down the street from the formulators son.

I did not, however, really understand what David Hardy had created. I am so glad I called Hardy's Nutritionals on that day.

Within 2 weeks Julia could once again interact with the world and handle the noise of a family of seven. Over the weeks she was able to again be active socially.

Within 3 months she asked to enroll in college. She did a semester at BYUI with a full course load getting almost all A's and B's.

Julia and our family were amazed and grateful for the changes. The old Julia began to come back to us, smiling, laughing, writing, singing and teasing her siblings.

After a year of taking DEN, Julia was able to pass a medical test and left home to serve a mission for our church.

She served in California teaching, doing volunteer work, and even writing songs. Julia's story is amazing and is now added to the thousands of stories of how Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients has changed lives for the better.

On a fun note, while on her mission, Julia ran into David Hardy's grandson who was also serving a mission in California.

Today Julia is finishing her degree in journalism and travelling the world.

Our family will forever be grateful to David Hardy and the answer to prayer his work has been for Julia and our family.

Tara Wood

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