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Clinically proven broad-spectrum micronutrients for enhanced focus, mood, and mental well-being*

Spa Massage

My family and I live with ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, autism, and sensory challenges. The Daily Essential Nutrients help us all function better. "After living like a hermit for over a year because of sensory overload due to two concussions in high school..."Daily Essential Nutrients allowed my oldest daughter to have her life back and take of a full course load at university, and even travel Europe."

 I was fortunate to meet and live in the same town as the formulator of Daily Essential Nutrients, David Hardy and his family and witness his groundbreaking achievement. His Micronutrient formula was designed for the unique challenges of the brain.

"Micronutrient Therapy is being used by healthcare professionals around the world as the first line of defense against debilitating mood, anxiety and behavior issues." (David Hardy)

DEN was designed to help with 



Irritable mood

Emotional Regulation




Tara Wood LMT

Spa Massage

I have watched three generations of my family suffer with a variety of central nervous system problems due to environmental and genetic factors.

I have seen family including myself be both harmed and helped by traditional therapy including drugs.

For over 25 years I have researched and tried a variety of therapies, to help myself and my children function optimally inspite of our limitations.

I have found that in helping the brain, it needs a core foundation in the micronutrients that help it to function at its best. All other therapies, including my brand of massage for the nervous system, occupational, speech, sensory, cognitive behavioral and ABA will all be enhanced and far more successful if using DEN as the base support.



Life Elevated Through Daily Essential Nutrients

Your Daily—One of a Kind—Brain Super Blend

For your brain, your sanity, your coping, your calm, your clarity, your ability. Your life back.


Calm, clarity, coping. Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) has helped over 100,000 people... overcome or live much better with challenges related to... mind,  mood, anxiety, panic, PTSD, autism, behavior, etc.

Learn how DEN helps with...

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  • Information from Hardy Nutritionals® and Tara Wood is for educational purposes only; it should be considered representative of usual best practice and should not be considered medical advice.

  • We strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor when altering your treatment regimen and before adjusting your medication dosing.

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