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Easing the Uncomfortable: Soothing Sinus Drainage Massage for children with Autism and ADHD

It's that time of year, just after Halloween and before Thanksgiving and Christmas, the dreaded viruses make their way through schools and workplaces.

A scratchy throat, pressure behind the eyes, stuffed up nose where nothing comes out when you blow and pain in the ears.

It is a miserable time for most people, but for children or even adults with adhd or autism, these sensations can be heightened and overwhelming. For the parent, you may notice your child is more irritable than normal, can't sleep and just plain miserable.

What can you do? Alot!

Other than increasing fluids, warm baths, showers, humidifiers, extra nutrients like vitamin C, you can now add massage to your parent toolbox.

adhd, autism, massage
Tara and her son with adhd

My name is Tara Wood and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years. Myself and my children all have neurodivergent issues, so I understand the struggle intimately.

I wish to share some of my knowledge and put power back into the hands of the parents. You know your child better than anyone.

Please enjoy the video and try these massage techniques on your child. On caution is please do not massage the face of your autistic or adhd child if they have a full-blown sinus infection with a fever. Wait until the fever is gone and it's been a few days of being on antibiotics.

However, many special needs children struggle with chronic mucous sinuses due to allergies, and other sensitivities rather than from an infection. In that case the sinus drainage massage may help them feel more comfortable.

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