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Hello, I'm Tara Wood, a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 30 years of experience, a teacher, former educational director at the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy, and a current psychology student. In this space, I share my journey alongside my five incredible children, each navigating neurodivergent challenges.

As a nutritional wellness coach, I'm passionate about exploring the intricate connection between mental health, holistic well-being, and nutrition. This website is a hub for insights, experiences, and resources, whether you're interested in neurodivergence, holistic well-being, or nutritional guidance.

Join me as we explore massage therapy, education, psychology, and nutritional wellness. Let's create a community that embraces and supports the diverse tapestry of neurodivergent experiences while recognizing the vital role of nutrition in our overall well-being.

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My Story

"I've witnessed three generations of my family grapple with a range of central nervous system issues stemming from both environmental and genetic factors. Over time, I've observed how traditional therapies, including medications, have both brought relief and harm for members of my family, including myself."

"For over 25 years, I've dedicated myself to researching and experimenting with various therapies in order to enable both myself and my children to thrive, despite the obstacles we face."

"In my journey, I've discovered that nurturing the brain requires a fundamental cornerstone of micronutrients to optimize its performance. Every other therapy, whether it's my specialized nervous system massage or treatments like occupational, speech, sensory, cognitive behavioral, or ABA, can achieve greater success when Daily Essential Nutrients serves as the vital foundation of support."

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