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Real help from an educator, therapist, chef... and mom of children with autism, ADHD and other sensory challenges.


It is not just autism or sensory integration problems that are escalating, all brain disorders are on the rise.

My name is, Tara Wood. My heart breaks for parents and families that are desperate, even falling apart over these issues. I felt I couldn’t be silent anymore, or just work within my small sphere of influence.

Inspired by the needs of my own family and children, this has been a labor of love, research and experimentation for more than twenty years. My desire is to share with you the tools that go to the heart of the problem and not just "band-aid" the symptoms.

P.S. I , myself, have my own ADHD and sensory challenges. I get it!

The right combination of approach, resources, and products... makes all the difference.

Our family has some extraordinary successes to share.