It needs a wholistic approach!

In the quest to restore the brain... there is no magic bullet or single pill or therapy that is going to be the only answer. It's like a recipe with several ingredients.


Starting at an early age, I too, had sensory processing issues, ADHD, and depression and suicidal thoughts. Not understanding what was wrong with me, I kept these struggles hidden, felt ashamed and developed unhealthy coping mechanisms. In my teenage years I mainly abused food, alcohol and cutting to cope with the pain, sensory overwhelm and in an effort to control my brain.

I was deeply impacted by the medical intervention in my family. One grandmother was lobotomized for manic depression, leaving her in a childlike state, with more, not less emotional outbursts. Another family member was prescribed a highly addictive drug for anxiety that led temporarily to greater addiction.

 In the '70s, my father was given amphetamines and barbiturates to calm his grand mal epileptic seizures. At the tender age of 48, he died from a damaged heart.

These experiences broke my heart and influenced me deeply.

In the midst of these trials, several family members also taught me courage and perseverance. They were my earliest mentors and hero’s as they explored many alternative pathways that made a difference in some of their symptoms.

My own and my family’s experiences sparked a desire in me to investigate more simpler, natural ways to alleviate suffering: physical, mental and emotional.

In my 20’s, I graduated from WCCMT, the top school in North America for massage and hydrotherapy and became a Registered Massage Therapist. Now after 29 years, I am still practicing my craft, and had the honor of being a former Director of Education at the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy and instruct several classes. I currently focus on using specific massage techniques to affect the brain, nervous and lymphatic system, working with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, chronic fatigue and the like.

In my 30's when not raising my children and massaging, I sat on the Board of the B.C. Schizophrenic Society and taught with a team on mental health awareness and help. For a short time, I also ran a small catering service that made special meals for doctors and cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

In my 40’s recovered from a Pulmonary Embolism (Stroke) and nursed my husband through Pancreatitis and GI feeding tube.



It would take several blog articles to even discuss the food sensory and allergy issues of all my children.


Several more articles to go over our experiences with bowel movements and literally it is no laughing matter when it becomes life or death. Parents going through this will know what I am referring to.

Real knowledge and healing for me really came through my 5 children and their challenges.

All 5 of my children were born with either or a mix of Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD.


Thanks to them ( my greatest mentors), I am intimately acquainted with the following:


Panic/Anxiety attacks

How to give an enema

Leaky gut

Visual communication

Nutritional therapy

Massage to calm the nervous system

Food allergies


Severe constipation





Med pushes

Detox off medications

Rages and meltdowns

Picky eating

Self-destructive behavior

Sensory processing issues.


It is not just autism or sensory integration problems that are escalating, but all brain disorders are on the rise. As an educator, I have seen more students entering our programs diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder, adhd, dyslexia, and PTSD.

 On further research (2018-2019) I discovered that this phenomenon was being seen in all Universities, Colleges, and Technical Colleges. The average is high, 45% of students struggling with these issues.


 My heart also breaks reading Facebook posts from parents and families that are desperate, even falling apart over these issues.

I felt I couldn’t be silent anymore, or just work within my small sphere of influence.

This has been a labor of love, research and experimentation for over 20+ years, inspired by my family and children.

My desire is to share with you the tools that go to the heart of the problem and not just Band-Aid the symptoms.

Our family has some extraordinary successes to share...

Me & Mom

Me & Mom

My first hero

My Kids

My Kids

Powerful teachers and my reason why!

Family Fun!

Family Fun!

We like to dress-up

On the Lifetime Vibe Machine

On the Lifetime Vibe Machine

Exercising the brain as well as the body!

Lifetime Vibe

Lifetime Vibe

We use the Lifetime Vibe machine for powerful stimulation for brain neural connections

Kids enjoying a treat

Kids enjoying a treat

What did Mom really put in there??? lol

Healthy Smoothie

Healthy Smoothie

You can hide almost anything in a smoothie. Its an art form!

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Kids made me a fruit salad with zucchini, love their creativity

Can't eat, won't eat???

Can't eat, won't eat???

Get the kids to help make juices. They choose their own recipes. The vibration of pushing the food through the machine is also relaxing sensory wise



One of our favorite tools for strengthening the vagus nerve and overcoming anxiety. Calming :)



Can boost happy brain chemicals, sooth, calm the nervous system, help with sensory integration


Pick My Brain is a like an apothecary full of helpful "restore the brain" ingredients and recipes that I have gathered and crafted through the years... and constantly use.

Hello, I'm Tara Wood. My family has been my greatest teacher. Helping me to solve the mystery of my own Brain Health and showing me my purpose.

Mental health challenges and learning disabilities were on both sides of my family growing up. Some of what my loved ones struggled with was epilepsy, Parkinson's, depression, anxiety, addiction, and learning disabilities.