Is it safe to take Daily Essential Nutrients with Medications?

Excerpts are taken from years of research done by Hardy's Nutritionals and other scientists.

"The short answer is yes-if you follow the guidelines that are given.

"We encourage all individuals who are currently taking medications to work closely with their doctor".

To get the full effect of DEN we need to understand the relationship between DEN and medications.

"People who take Daily Essential Nutrients have a reduced need for most medications over time- especially psychiatric medications".

"As the nutrients will begin to normalize body chemistry, people feel over-medicated until they (slowly under doctor supervision) reduce their psychiatric medication doses."

Hardy's Nutritionals said in their experience that DEN can intially be taken safely with most medications, you and your doctor should expect that most medications will need to be adjusted or gradually eliminated.

One suggestion is to go to and learn what the potential side efffects of any past or present drug you are on. As you take DEN, increased side effects may indicate the need for medications to be reduced as the brain is getting better.

It is always strongly recommended to consult with your doctor before altering any dosage.

A downloadable Clinical Reference for healthcare professionals can be found on our FAQ page, to give more information, ingredient list and amounts.

You have my contact information on this website to ask me any more questions and help. For more complex cases Hardy's Nutritionals has a free support line with direct access to help from some of the scientists.