Why Daily Essential Nutrients is the best choice for helping the brain

After 20 years of researching on myself and my kids I just know I can't do better, and trust me I have tried!

That is one of the curses of being smart, thinking outside the box, and spending every night in glorious hyper-focus researching my heart out on everything from food science, herbs, poop, microbiome, brain, brain plasticity, memorizing preservatives, detox, lymph system, and a tons more. The trouble is you think you are smarter and can design something cheaper and at home.

I knew about David Hardy and his formula back in 2005. My friend Ivy Jean was working for the company when it was called TrueHope in Raymond Alberta. I heard about the amazing results for thousands of people with anxiety, bipolar and a host of other central nervous system disorders. In 2007 I even ended up moving to the same town, Raymond, Alberta. Just blocks away from the head office and neighbor to Landon Hardy, Davids son.

I got to know Landon his beautiful wife and daughters, and learned about his story. In his teenage years Landon was institutionalized with schizophrenia. Meeting him years later, I who years ago volunteered in the mental health community, could not believe he was functional, no drugs, stable job, normal family life and active part of his community.

I tried an earlier version of the formula on and off over the years but did not take it properly and in my arrogance believed I could do better and cheaper.

It wasn't until years later after my daughter had a serious concussion and brain injury, after all I could do under my own knowledge that I called up Hardy's and said I needed help.

Julia's story HERE.

This formulation was designed for brain disorders. It was designed after the organic "chelated" nature of how plants uptake nutrients from the soil. it has the ability to be better absorbed by the Brain than any other nutrient complex out there (and trust me I have personally tried many formulations).

It was formulated and backed up by tons of research on the specific nutrient deficiencies that are involved in Brain disorders.

Whats really mind blowing is the outside research done on the brain of rats, READ HERE, by the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience. The removed brain areas grew back!!!!

This formulation and the 30 years of dedication by David Hardy over the concern in his own family and friends is key to helping heal at the root cause Autism and other similar issues. We have had no side effects, and a gradual elimination of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, sleep issues, impulsiveness, mood swings, constipation, digestion difficulties and sensory processing issues.

If you are going to try Daily Essential Nutrients, there is a lot of information and guidelines in the FAQ to use it properly. I am here to help guide you.

This is not a run of the mill supplement and its not for everyone. We have daily defense for men and women who want prime nutrient health HERE.

But DEN is for people with Autism,adhd, depression, anxiety and other central nervous system disorders. Which is why you will not find it on a shelf at the store.

Don't be stupid like I was, taking 12 years to realize what I had in front of me.

Safe, effective and life changing.

I am here to help

Tara Wood

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