What are the most important things I need to know to have success in taking Daily Essential Nutrients?


Understanding these 3 important factors will make all the difference in your success using Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN).

  1. The brain and body need optimal nutrition to function correctly. Consistent and regular intake of DEN ensures that your nutritional foundation is solid.

  2. Gut health is critically important. Without adequate gut health, you won’t properly absorb the nutrients you need.

    3. Many medications significantly interfere with the positive effects of nutrients. For best results, it’s ideal to replace certain medications with nutrients over time.  DEN is powerful enough to gradually reduce or eliminate your need for many medications.


How soon should I expect to see results?

Some individuals see dramatic results within a few days; however, Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) typically produces results gradually over a period of several months (and sometimes longer for certain conditions).

Dozens of medical journal publications have reported impressive results in people who took our product at recommended levels for at least 8 weeks.

But it’s safe to say that no one will see the full benefits of DEN in just 8 weeks— many people continue to report subtle improvements for years after.


How much do I need to take?

The recommended clinical dose of Daily Essential Nutrients—4 capsules, 3 times per day, with meals—is based on extensive experience addressing various symptoms in thousands of people, including adults, adolescents, and children.

Independent university research has shown that people respond best, particularly in the first few months, by consistently taking the recommended dose. 



How much do children need to take?

In general, we recommend the following initial dosages of Daily Essential Nutrients for children diagnosed with psychiatric conditions, based on published research and clinical experience:

2-3 years: Work up to 4 capsules/day (with food).
4-5 years: Work up to 8 capsules/day (with food).
6 years or older: Work up to 12 capsules/day (with food).
(1 level scoop of Daily Essential Nutrients Powder is equivalent to 4 capsules).

For individual cases, the dose required to address mood, anxiety, behavioral, and other symptoms may be slightly higher or lower than the initial recommended doses listed above. Optimal dosing of Daily Essential Nutrients appears to be more dependent on individual nutrient needs than on age or body weight.

Based on clinical experience, individuals who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms have significantly higher nutrient needs than most others of the same age and weight. Also, children and adolescents who are growing quickly may actually have higher nutrient needs than many adults.
Children taking Daily Essential Nutrients should be monitored by a medical doctor.



How do I get started?

The simplest way is to take 1 capsule 3 times per day the first day, two capsules 3 times per day the second day, and so on. By the fourth day, you’ll be taking the full recommended dose of 4 capsules 3 times per day.


Most people have no problem tolerating Daily Essential Nutrients when they gradually introduce it in this way. Those who may be sensitive can choose to increase the dose more gradually (for example, increasing their dose by one capsule per day so it takes 12 days to reach the recommended therapeutic dose of 12 capsules per day).



Can I stop taking Daily Essential Nutrients once I’ve seen a positive response?

Supplying your body with nutrients on a regular daily basis will ensure your body gets the critical and essential ingredients it needs for maximum wellness and optimal results.

Consistently eating nutrient-rich food is also very important, but even if you’re carefully choosing your diet, it’s still very difficult to get all the nutrition you need from food alone.

This is especially true for anyone with mood or anxiety issues because according to research, these people often have higher-than-average nutrient needs. 

Over the years, researchers have documented many cases where people with mood, anxiety, or behavioral issues responded favorably to our nutrient therapy and then stopped taking it, thinking they didn’t need it anymore.


The unfavorable symptoms returned. Restoring the nutrients improved their symptoms dramatically again. Most people who experience this contrast decide that it’s worth taking Daily Essential Nutrients regularly to enjoy the stability it provides.


Can I reduce my dosage of Daily Essential Nutrients after I’ve seen a positive response?

Some have found that they can maintain stable health on a little less than the full therapeutic dose of 12 capsules per day after their symptoms have been eliminated for a few months (for example, 10 capsules instead of 12).


On the other hand, some people find that they don’t get an optimal response until they take 15 or more capsules per day. It’s important to find a threshold that works for you, keeping in mind that if you go too low, your symptoms will eventually return. Daily Essential Nutrients is like food for a starving brain.


Why do I have to take so many pills?

Think of Daily Essential Nutrients as a part of your daily food intake. Taking 4 capsules per meal is like getting a single spoonful of food packed with nutrients to compensate for empty calories (or for some people, simply to meet a higher-than-average need for certain nutrients that can be determined by genetics and other factors).


The average person in the United States consumes enough added sugars to make up one-sixth of total daily calories! That’s one-sixth of our food that contains NO essential nutrients at all! Bruce Ames, a renowned Nobel prize-winning scientist stated: “We are starving! Even though we’re all getting fat, we’re starving for vitamins and minerals.” 

The reason for our recommended dosage is that we’re focused on helping individuals achieve real-life results! Extensive scientific research has shown that the recommended dosage delivers the most consistent and marked improvements for serious mood and anxiety-related disorders. This research includes careful safety monitoring which showed no safety concerns at the therapeutic equivalent of the recommended 12 capsule per day dosage.


What makes Daily Essential Nutrients bulkier than other multivitamin-mineral products?


There are 3 important reasons: 

  1. Completeness. Daily Essential Nutrients gives you optimally-balanced levels of many critical nutrients in one product. Other multivitamin-mineral products simply don’t contain nearly as many ingredients – or nearly the same levels. 

  2. Macro-mineral levels. The macro-minerals calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are key to the effectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients. They are vital for proper brain and nerve function as well as for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. These macro minerals, together with the specialized organic molecules that enhance their effectiveness, make up nearly two-thirds of the total bulk of Daily Essential Nutrients! By comparison, the vast majority of supplements on the market contain inadequate levels of these critical macro-minerals, making them less bulky, but also much less effective. 

  3. Our NutraTek™-enhanced mineral delivery technology is the key reason for the effectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients. It combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—ensuring effective delivery to body cells. This makes Daily Essential Nutrients bulkier, but many times more effective than other multivitamin-mineral products.


Does Daily Essential Nutrients have any side effects at our recommended levels?

Occasionally, when people begin taking Daily Essential Nutrients, they may have looser stools than usual for a few days, but as the body adjusts to the additional nutrients, this typically normalizes, as it does when you introduce a new food to your diet. It is also normal for a person’s urine to be brighter yellow in color while they are taking Daily Essential Nutrients. This is a harmless side effect of taking vitamin B2 (also called riboflavin).

It’s very rare for people to have any other side effects. Those who have pre-existing gut issues are most likely to experience some rare side effects, but the good news is that these problems can largely be addressed with additional nutritional solutions.
Sometimes people who are taking certain medications may think they are experiencing negative effects from Daily Essential Nutrients when in fact, they are feeling over-medication or medication withdrawal effects. Our experience has shown that taking certain medications (or withdrawing too quickly from these medications) can interfere with the positive effects of Daily Essential Nutrients. This is why it is critical for anyone who is currently taking any medication or who recently stopped taking a medication to be very familiar with the side effects that can be caused by their medications. The "Drugs A-Z List" on RxList.com is a great resource for familiarizing yourself with side effects of specific drugs.  

If you wonder whether or not Daily Essential Nutrients is causing a negative side effect, feel free to call (855) 955-1114 and connect you with specialist support at the Home Office


Are there any medical conditions that would prevent a person from taking Daily Essential Nutrients?

Yes. People with certain rare medical conditions or severe sensitivity to a particular ingredient may not be able to take Daily Essential Nutrients. Feel free to call to talk about your situation. The DEN support staff are happy to talk with your doctor and connect them with one of the scientists at the Home Office.  These decisions are best made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.


Can I add extra vitamins or minerals to Daily Essential Nutrients?

It’s rare that people need to take additional vitamins or minerals because Daily Essential Nutrients is designed to meet nearly everyone’s daily needs at the suggested serving. This all-in-one approach gives you clear advantages in terms of convenience and cost-savings. However, some people have a specific need for additional nutrients. 

In depression, some people have reported that additional vitamin D may be useful. In the case of iron-deficiency anemia, iron can be added to Daily Essential Nutrients without any issue (ideally, under the supervision of a health professional). 

Because the minerals in Daily Essential Nutrients are in careful balance with each other, we advise against adding certain minerals (including zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, or magnesium), because adding them could actually create mineral imbalances and lead to adverse health effects. We also advise against adding lithium without a doctor’s supervision, because doctors have observed that lithium appears to be 100 times more powerful when used together with the minerals in Daily Essential Nutrients. 

On the other hand, feel free to add extra potassium, a macro-mineral that nearly all of us don’t get enough of. You’re also welcome to add any whole foods that contain naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.


Can I take other supplements (besides vitamins and minerals) while I’m taking Daily Essential Nutrients?

Most commonly-used supplements are fine to use with Daily Essential Nutrients. For example, we offer an Essential Omegas product, a Greens & Probiotics product, a Free-form Amino Acid product, and an Inositol Powder product that people often use together with Daily Essential Nutrients.

Our main caution for adding supplements other than vitamins or minerals is that any supplement or substance that affects brain function has the potential to significantly interfere with the positive effects of Daily Essential Nutrients. 

If you use any supplement that has mind-altering properties, do it very cautiously and monitor your symptoms carefully. A few common examples include St. John’s wort, ginseng, kava kava, skullcap, valerian root, SAM-e, and 5-hydroxytryptophan (often called 5-HTP). Recreational drugs also affect the mind and can interfere with the positive effects of Daily Essential Nutrients as well.

As Daily Essential Nutrients provides the body with the basic elements it needs to regulate itself, people usually find that these mind-altering supplements are no longer needed.


Will Daily Essential Nutrients ever stop working?

Definitely not! Our brains and bodies will always need essential vitamins and minerals for proper function. If it seems that Daily Essential Nutrients isn’t working for you, some interfering factor is standing in the way and causing you to have increased nutrient requirements or limiting the effects of the nutrients.

If you don’t find answers for your challenges in our other FAQs or videos be sure to give us a call or have your doctor call us. We’ve worked to provide support and information for thousands of people via phone and e-mail for almost 20 years.


What factors might increase a person’s nutrient requirements?

Antibiotics are actually the most common factor. When we take broad-spectrum oral antibiotics, we wipe out the beneficial gut bacteria that help us digest our food, and this deprives us of essential nutrients. Before taking oral antibiotics, be sure to educate yourself on how you can meet your nutrient requirements and keep your gut healthy during and after the course of antibiotics. 

Other factors like physical illness, puberty, and for women, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the menstrual cycle can place higher than usual demands on your body and increase your nutrient needs. At these important times, it may be necessary to temporarily increase your dosage of Daily Essential Nutrients to meet your body’s increased needs and maintain mood stability.