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Licensed to Kale

Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) has helped over 100,000 people... overcome or live much better with challenges related to... mood, mind, anxiety, panic, PTSD, autism, and behavior. 

LiKe (Licensed to Kale)
is a dojo of support resources and people helping people...

for better food, fitness, and function... for their mind, body, heart, life, creations, joys, and relationships.

Without the right nutrients and volume your brain and body will struggle.

Without the right approach to food, fitness, and function your life will struggle.

David Hardy and his team have worked very hard for decades to bring you proven benefits of DEN

Tara & Doug Wood have worked very hard for decades to develop the proven benefits of LiKe

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Mental illnesses are largely preventable!

I founded Hardy Nutritionals® to work with healthcare professionals around the world to apply the use of our micronutrient therapy as the first line of defense against debilitating mood, anxiety, and behavior issues.

Health professionals and their patients need options beyond conventional medications. Many forward-thinking health professionals who work with us have caught the vision of how our specialized NutraTek™-enhanced nutrition can alleviate much unnecessary suffering without undesirable side-effects


I can relate to the suffering that many families experience. Our superior Hardy Nutritionals® products were born out of a quest to find answers to serious mental health concerns that plagued close friends and family members, including two of my own children.


It was agonizing to watch my schizophrenic son and my bipolar daughter suffer for months on end.

Today, my son and daughter lead productive, fulfilling lives. They have been symptom-free for many years. They are married, have children, hold down jobs, travel, and volunteer in their communities.

Their success has been duplicated in thousands of others who have taken our products to address their mood, behavior, and anxiety-related disorders. After witnessing for myself the powerful—even life-saving—effect of optimal nutrition on health, I can’t resist sharing that mental illnesses are largely preventable!

Hardy Nutritionals® is so much more than just another business venture. It is my life’s work—to spare individuals and their families the suffering of mental illness that my family has been spared from.

Not all multivitamin-mineral supplements are created equal. When you take our products, you are getting the best micronutrient formulations on the market!

Our products are backed by research and are recommended every day by health professionals who are at the forefront of applying effective treatments which address the underlying causes of much of the illness that plagues our society.

I invite you to experience the health-optimizing, cost-saving power of our micronutrient formulations in your own life. You’ll be glad you did!

David L. Hardy, Founder, Hardy Nutritionals®

Wellness & Fulfillment are sustainable!

LiKe (Licensed to Kale) comes from the idea that sharing what works and creating a community of "people helping people" is a smart approach. We love the idea of a food forest... and saw a community or dojo of resources and people... being like a forest of trees ascending together... while that are grounded together, interconnected, and supportive and nourishing of one another.

Three interrelated focuses:
-fresh food (more fresh fruit and veggie cuisine)
-forest fitness (more fresh outdoor activity)
-fulfilling function (more able, happy, and freeing thinking and living)


We have found that these three focuses are foundational to real and enduring or sustainable well-being, happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Licensed to Kale playfully gives a nod to the ideas of: "die another day" and "no time to die." We can "bond" together in helping one another... live better, and have fitness and function that is prepared for anything life offers or throws at us. 

With ourselves and our own children, family, and friends living with autism and other food, fitness, and function challenges... we can relate to the struggle that, to one degree or another, we all experience. We have found, through decades of experience, research, innovation, experimentation, and inspiration... better food, fitness, and function... is far simpler, enjoyable, and possible than they are often made out to be. LiKe grew out of it all... and
cuts through the mire of so many "solution" opinions, philosophies, and fashion clamoring for your loyalty and hope.

LiKe offers you a dojo of resources and others on the same quest for... the joy of better food, fitness, and function... and the cathartic and refreshing "letting go" of the status quo/keep up with the Jones'/rat race... that is killing us. 

Welcome to the Licensed to Kale dojo.


Tara & Doug Wood, Founders, Licensed to Kale (LiKe)